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John Fairbanks
John Fairbanks
The Team That Works

Whether you are buying or selling a luxury estate, or an urban condominium, The Fairbanks Group is your resource for the professional representation required to handle one of your most precious assets. The Fairbanks Group share a passion for their profession. John Fairbanks continues to bring The Fairbanks Group international recognition for his people-centered, results-driven professionalism. Having earned membership in Coldwell Banker’s prestigious International President’s Elite for 11 consecutive years, he represents the top 1% of the Company’s sales force, both domestic and international.

The Fairbanks Group’s aggressive marketing and strong negotiating skills, coupled with a personal interest in their clients real estate concerns, mean results for you. Each member of The Fairbanks Group brings special skills and interests to the table, ensuring that your needs are fully met. When people love what they do, they get results. The Fairbanks Group is ready to guide and represent you from first contact through closing. If you are thinking about buying or selling, please call today for a no-obligation consultation. Let them show you how they can help you meet your real estate needs with passion and professionalism.

John Fairbanks
John Fairbanks
Architectural Director – John Fairbanks

Architect-designed homes are rare and extraordinary treasures. They are most sought after and appreciated by a small and highly discriminating circle of buyers and sellers. Reaching these exclusive individuals, and knowledgeably presenting your property to them, is an assignment only the most specialized real estate experts are qualified to handle. Not surprisingly, many owners of Architect-designed homes call on The Fairbanks Group when it is time to buy or sell. The Fairbanks Group has developed an unparalleled portfolio of skills and experience to represent you in the purchase or sale of your Architect-designed residence. As experts, The Fairbanks Group will offer you a level of expertise, connections, discretion and effectiveness that is unequaled anywhere.


2018 – International Diamond Society
2017 – International Diamond Society
2016 – International President’s Circle
2015 – International President Elite
2014 – International President’s Circle
2013 – International President Elite
2012 – International President Elite
2011 – International President Elite
2010 – International President’s Premier
2009 – International President’s Premier
2008 – International President Elite
2007 – Southern Ca Society of Excellence
2006 – Southern Ca Society of Excellence
2005 – Top 100
2005 – Society of Excellence
2004 – International Presidents Premier
2003 – International Presidents Premier